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The Mad Max LP

2009-12-13 19:50:41 by MaxStayWitaStrap

I'm finally uploading tracks from "The Mad Max LP"...I'll probably upload my old mixtape "The Ace Files" I was going by a diffent Psdeunym back then. All in all..expect some real hip-hop coming to you soon ! Tired of these fake ass n***as with that lame ass fake ass hip-hop noise. Dead ass too many of these wanna bes out here.All these lame ass faggits. And I'm especially tired of these lame ass skinny jean wearing rapping ass n***as. You either gonna DANCE, SING, RAP, WEAR BRIGHT COLORS, OR BE A GANGSTA...BUT YOU NOT GONNA SIT THERE DO ALL OF IT CAUSE THAT'S JUST SOME FOOLISH SHIT REAL TALK. Some of these n***as out here gonna get hurt tryna be something they not

Fuck you fake faggits

--Mad Fucking Max The Rudest Fucking Bastard--


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